Our cold weather shelter here at Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church is a community outreach service for those who are in a season of need. We are fortunate enough to have the space to provide a warm place to sleep from November 1st through March 31st.  The shelter is open from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am  seven nights a week for five consecutive months.  If you know of anyone that may need a place to sleep, please call us at 570-872-0126.

We are also blessed with a wonderful group of volunteers that make this all happen.  They bring to the shelter a warm smile, meals to sustain the body, the word of God, and the hope of changing someone’s life through this experience.  If you can assist by staying overnight, spending fellowship time, making a snack, or have another idea, please contact the church office at (570) 421-0750. Your love, support and prayers are greatly appreciated.