Meet Our Staff


Dana Antal

Co-Lead Pastor
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Dana Antal has been a part of Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church since 2004 and one of the Co-Lead Pastors since 2010.  Together with his wife LeeAnn they have three beautiful children, Michael (2002), Giana (2003) and Lucas (2006).  Dana has traveled a long road which included an obsession for power and wealth, addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and porn.  He also spent 13 months in prison for book-making (corruptive enterprise).  Dana’s journey has given him a gratitude for the freedom that comes from the grace and love of Jesus Christ.  As Dana puts it, “I am grateful that this church family accepted me as an addict-ex-con-high school dropout, and encouraged me to grow in Jesus to the point of allowing me to co-lead our church family in our mission to share the love of Jesus to the world.  I love that I can journey with many people from different backgrounds and allow for the Spirit of Christ to unite and lead us.”  From John 13:34-35 “Let me give you a new command:  Love one another.  In the same way I have loved you, you love one another.  This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples – when they see the love you have for each other.”  and Romans 15:7 “Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.”


Lynda Keefer

Co-Lead Pastor
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Lynda Keefer has been one of the Co-Lead Pastors since 2010. Lynda and her husband Kevin have 3 sons: Clark, born in 1987 (his wife Caitlyn and two children Rena – 2011 and Evan – 2014); Craig, born in 1990 (and his wife Brittny and daughter Nalini -2015), and Curtis, born in 1995, who is a student at East Stroudsburg University. In Lynda’s words, “I began working at SWC in 1996 as the secretary. Over the years, I experienced the amazing transformational power of Christ at work in the Church and in my own life and family. As I had the opportunity to work in many different capacities at SWC, I became convinced that God was doing something special and powerful through this church. To witness it happening and to be a part of it is one of the greatest joys of my life. I am humbled and grateful to be part of bringing Christ’s Kingdom through a loving, vibrant, fun and inspirational family of Christ followers.”

Lynda is part of the Monroe County Homeless Advisory Board and the Rotary Club of the Stroudsburgs. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, running, spending time with the grandkids, and watching Investigation Discovery.



Angelique Labadie-Cihanowyz

Missions Pastor
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Angelique is Pastor of Missions, specifically focusing on human trafficking and persecuted Christians.

When she came back on staff in November of 2014 (following a move to north central PA, a new husband and teen daughter, and a year on staff at a church in Williamsport), she was following a long-time passion to be a voice for the voiceless.  She advocates for people in marginalized populations.  Active in two communities, Angelique is a Rotarian, a board member of Sojourner Truth Ministries (Williamsport), Lycoming County Human Trafficking Response Team, and has the unique opportunity to have two other church families.  Hobbies are seasonal, except for spending time with friends and family.  Angelique has three terrific, adult kids.  She can often be found traveling and exploring new cultures and communities.  Or, just on Route 80.

Angelique enjoys her work in part because of the people and the wonderful staff.  If not for them, she might simply gravitate toward chocolate (but only Fair trade)!  She loves SWC especially because of the unashamed transparency she has seen and learned here, and the willingness to accept people from all walks of life, knowing that the grace we receive through faith in Jesus is poured out to others,


Jay Lessig

Youth Ministry Director
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Jay Lessig has been the Youth Director at Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church since 2014.  Together with his wife Alexis, they are raising four handsome sons, Xander (2001), Miles (2004), Levi (2012), and Wesley (2013).  Jay has an Associate Degree in Social Work, and Ministerial training from FLAME.  His hobbies are snowboarding, Netflix and thinking up gross/messy games for the Youth Group.  What he likes most about his job is “the moment a student ‘gets it’ and really has an experience with Jesus; and the fact that all of us at SWC are a family!”


Tana Jasionowicz

Rock Solid Care - Administrator
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Tana Jasionowicz as been working at Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church since 2006.  She has served in many capacities and is currently the administrator  for Rock Solid Care.  Together with her husband John, they have two sons Josh (2010) and Jack (2012).  Tana says she loves feeling like she belongs somewhere where she is loved and accepted for who she is!


Mandi Lee Kerprich

Early Childhood Ministry
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Mandi Lee Kerprich has been working with the Early Childhood Ministries since 2013. Mandi and her husband John have two sons Elijah (2006) and Ethan (2010). She is a Community member of the church and she enjoys engaging in fun family activities.  “The children at Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church are fun, lovable and it brings me great joy to share God’s love with them.”


Becky Frey

Creative Learning Center Director
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Becky Frey has been working at Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church since 2004.  She is Administrator of the Creative Learning Center Preschool and loves working with the kids, their families and the staff of CLC.  Becky and her husband, James, have raised two beautiful children, Kaitlyn and Brian.  In her free time Becky likes reading and movies.


Aaron Dixon

Creative Arts Ministries
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Aaron Dixon has been Director of the Creative Arts Ministry since June 2015.  As a musician he brings great talent, diversity and enthusiasm to the worship experience at Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church.  As Aaron puts is “I feel extremely blessed to work with individuals I love and the ‘work’ I do brings me great joy. I am grateful that our Church represents what I want to represent.  We are the body, made up of people from different backgrounds all coming together to be part of a Kingdom minded community.”  In his free time Aaron enjoys outdoor activities with his dog, Lion,  hiking, canoeing, fishing, long boarding, writing music, all kinds of arts including furniture building and painting.


Stacie Cook

Children's Ministry (Kindergarten - 4th Grade)

Stacie Cook has been a volunteer at SWC in the Children’s Ministry for over 2 years. She has been leading the ministry since September 2016. Stacie and her husband Ed have two children: Edward born in  2007 and Emme born in 2011. Stacie served in the United States Air Force from 1999 – 2005. In 2015, she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from East Stroudsburg University. Her goal is to provide a safe environment where the children of Stroudsburg Wesleyan can experience the unconditional love of Jesus as they grow into young people with an awareness of their identity in Christ, they will also develop a sense of compassion and love for others.