Do you have a child who has said they are considering baptism as a demonstration his or her love for Christ or that you believe might be interested?  I host a class specifically for them!  We will walk the children through the basics of the gospel and baptism. We spend time talking through these fundamental truths so that children can assess if they really have made this faith their own.

SWC believes strongly in the need for Christ-centered community as a part of growth in Christ.  We also believe that it is vital for a child to have at least 5 Christ-following adults consistently speaking about Christ’s love for him or her in order for him or her to grow deep roots in Christ (check out the book, “Sticky Faith,” if you would like more information about this concept). Based on these two beliefs, this class is crucial for every child who is interested in receiving baptism.  Not only will the time be used to talk about your child’s belief in and growth in Christ, but it will be a time to simply grow my relationship with him or her.

While the kids are in class, Pastor JoAnn Chiodo will host an adult workshop to help parents & guardians prepare to walk alongside their child/children as they prepare for baptism. All parents & guardians are encouraged to attend.

This class is broken up into 3 separate times and children will need to attend all three. Class dates are as follows:

September 10th, October 1st, & October 15th @ 4:30 pm with the Baptism Blast on Sunday October 23rd during the 12pm service.  
Location: Kids will meet in the Children’s Ministry Area & adults will meet in the Fellowship Hall.

You can contact me by phone on email with any questions or concerns:

Stacie Cook

Phone: 845-699-4509