Our hope is that raising awareness between Christians around the world will increase unity within the body of Christ.  It is our responsibility as Christians to care for those who are oppressed, mistreated, persecuted, and imprisoned because of their faith in Jesus Christ. (Is 58: 6-12)

According to the World Watch List (2015), Christianity is forbidden or restricted in over 60 nations worldwide.  We share God’s love and encourage persecuted Christians globally by: prayer, provision (Bibles and much needed items such as jackets, blankets, socks and soap packed in Action Packs), and letter writing to prisoners who are incarcerated (for not renouncing their faith, or owning a Bible, or sharing the love and message of Jesus).

For information or to become involved, please contact Pastor Angelique at c.angelique09@gmail.com or call the church office at (570) 421-0750.

Volunteers are needed:  artistic talent to update bulletin boards bi-monthly, occasional office help, join the prayer team (receive emails with prayer requests from persecuted Christians)  help with special projects throughout the year.

For more information visit: