Jay Lessig is the Youth Ministry Leader and he describes it as a “come as you are” ministry.  The mission is to create a place where teens can experience the Love of Jesus without having to “clean themselves up” first.  In fact this is the environment that teaches us to find our cleansing in Jesus.

It is a ministry for teens from 5th grade through 12th grade.  Our volunteers do everything from playing games, to leading small groups.  Our volunteers do a great service by just being there, listening and being in fellowship with the teens.  We need adults who are passionate about teens and who like having fun…more volunteers are always welcome.

One of the things that is most rewarding about this ministry is the way the students interact with and support one another.  What a joy to know that they don’t feel judged when they walk through the door.

If you would like to get involved or just want more information please contact: Jay Lessig at 570-620-8087 or jaylessig@gmail.com