Small Group Leader: John and Jennifer Millard

Study Description:
Every follower of Christ will feel stuck at some point. Most of us are likely heading into, going through, or coming out of a spiritual slump. We will endure several seasons of aridity in our lifetime. These are challenging times when the Christians appetite to be with God through prayer and scripture, and to live for God through trust and obedience diminish like air slowly leaking from a tire. Danger abounds. You are vulnerable to old temptations you thought were in the rearview mirror and new ones that pop up like moles you’re not fast enough to whack!
You are not alone, even though few have the language or the courage to talk about their struggle. You are not stuck, even though you feel neck deep in mud. There is a way out of the staleness, the stagnancy, the slump! God has given us tools for overcoming the slump that can make our lives more vibrant and meaningful than before we even got stuck.
A spiritual slump can deepen not destroy us, if we grab onto the rope of God’s grace and hold on for dear life. It has been said, the same sun that melts the wax also hardens the clay. Exploring the life of the Bible’s King David, this book presents a process for overcoming the slump so we reach our potential for a faithful, fruitful, and fulfilled life in Christ.