Baptism is an exciting time in the life of any believer, and it is a wonderful step to take in your Christian walk. It is through Baptism that we profess to the world, “I belong to Jesus and he belongs to me.”


Call the church office or email Pastor Dana or Pastor Lynda for more information.

Contact Info:

PastorĀ JoAnn Chiodo
(570) 421-0750









Who most influenced you to first attend Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church?
 Family member Friend Co-Worker Media

How would you describe yourself spiritually when you first started attending Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church?
 Unbeliever (not interested in spiritual things) Spectator (sitting back and watching in observation mode) Seeker (actively interested in and exploring the spiritual side of life) Believer (made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ) Unbeliever (not interested in spiritual things) Fully devoted follower (made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and diligently pursuing spiritual growth, using spiritual gifts, giving time and resources, etc.)

Approximately how long ago did you receive Jesus Christ as the one and only forgiver and leader of your life?
 less than 12 months 1-2 years 3-5 years more than 5 years

Who, besides the work of the Holy Spirit, most influenced you to become a believer?
 family friend friend small group church service co-worker

Which ministry at Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church are you most affiliated with?

Is there a current ministry at Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church that you would like to become more involved in?

In which service would you like to be baptized?
 Saturday 6:00 PM Sunday Noon

What has mainly motivated you to get baptized at this time?
 Pastoral Teaching Church Announcement Small Group Membership Process

Were you baptized as an infant?
 Yes No

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